Workforce Development Resources

Recruiting and training the next generation is the biggest problem our members face. We constantly hear how difficult it is to fill open positions. Not only are the proper skills in short supply, young people who would do well in our industry have been misled into believing brighter futures lie elsewhere.

At the same time, training our existing workforce— growing their skills and keeping them current on new technology—remains a pressing need.

NTMA is combating these issues through education and awareness, combined with a healthy dose of innovation.

The National Robotics League

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Our flagship program provides a key link between students (middle school, high school, and college), educators and NTMA members. Through robotic competition, students forge partnerships with manufacturers and, as a result, many find bright futures in manufacturing careers. This program falls under federal and state Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) development efforts, and many chapters are eligible for public funding. Not only is it deeply valuable to NTMA’s future but it’s “so much fun, it’s inhuman.”

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NTMA U is a Modular Workforce Development initiative that will have multiple entry and exit points.

The Course Structure will have a focus on Customized NTMA Member Workforce Development. Fundamental courses are mapped to NIMS outcomes, but they go beyond the basics, and offer our members an opportunity to customize their training needs through a selection of courses that fit their specific needs requirements

Course to be offered are: CNC / SPC / GDT / Applied Shop Mathematics / Shop Safety / Blueprint Reading / Shop Theory / Manufacturing Procedures.

Lower cost for training to membership over traditional learning institutions.

Apprenticeship Training that goes beyond NIMS basics with Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship Training guidelines of 576 hours of trade specific coursework (144 hours per year minimum delivered by NTMA U) and 8,000 hours shop time (2,000 hours minimum per year, delivered by the member company)

Uses over 400 interactive learning videos – NTMA Publications and ToolingU coursework.

NTMA U is college credit based through articulation agreements with our training partners and the courses that are be delivered by Master level credentialed instructors. Students participating in NRL, as well as entry-level employees, are ideal candidates for this program.”

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National Apprentice Program

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This is an ongoing best-practices program at the regional and national levels, offering webinars on technology and techniques that have the potential to affect our entire industry. It demonstrates NTMA’s aim to make employees of small- and medium-sized companies the best they can be.

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This is a regional, self-study training and certification program consisting of a user-updatable Wikipedia-like online database of best practices and success stories. Making this available to members provides them with resources at their fingertips to conquer the challenges they face.

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